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Stage Of Family Formation

Date: 2016-03-20

Stage involved: From the time of getting married to the time of having kids

Ages for reference: 26 – 32

Economic status: The family income will increase at this stage. You will have relatively stable life and start a family, and then buy a house with loans and make repayment each month. Accordingly, you have relatively strong risk bearing ability and focus more on the investment return. You are suggested to keep the cost of living for six months as the family reserve, and invest most of the fund in stocks, stock funds and other high-risk financial products, as well as arrange proper investment in bond funds, wealth management products with fixed incomes and other financial products with moderate and high risks.

Demand for insurance: You always have a low demand for insurance and the family assets are mostly in the investment form at the stage. So, you are suggested to purchase the term life insurance or the accident insurance, and you can purchase the insurance product for housing loan, like the borrower accident insurance and family property insurance, if you have abundant fund.