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PSBC Mobile Banking APP Performs Well in 2019 Testing

Date: 2019-03-25

Recently, the and the compatibility and performance testing platform of China Financial Certification Authority (“CFCA”) jointly conducted performance testing over the mobile banking APPs of 18 nationwide commercial banks. PSBC’s mobile banking delivered outstanding performance in the testing, including the shortest startup time, lowest traffic consumption and lowest power consumption.

The testing targeted four aspects, including compatibility, UI interface, performance and weak network compatibility, involving 21 indicators including CPU usage, GPU occupancy, memory usage, traffic consumption, and power consumption.

In terms of the startup time, all the 18 APPs started up within 3 seconds, with an average time of 1.32 seconds. PSBC’s APP opened the first page in 0.34 second, the shortest among all APPs. In terms of the traffic consumption, the average traffic consumed by 18 APPs was 13.6 KB, while the traffic consumed by PSBC’s APP was 0.72 KB, the lowest in the testing process. In terms of the power consumption, the average power consumption of the 18 APPs during the operation was 6.95 mAh, and the mobile banking of PSBC had the lowest power consumption of 5.4 mAh.

In addition, compared with the relevant performance parameters for 2018, the overall performance of the mobile banking of PSBC has been greatly improved after one year of iteration and optimization.

It is learned that mobile banking 4.0 version of PSBC was tested this time. This version has optimized and upgraded the original menu classification and interface design, integrated existing services from the customer’s perspective, further enriched product functions, accelerated the speed and improved the customer experience.

Besides, PSBC adjusted the mobile banking transaction limit in October 2018. The single-day transaction limits for ordinary customers and token customers were adjusted to RMB50,000 and RMB500,000 respectively, which better met the money transfer needs of mobile banking customers. In addition, PSBC launched the mobile banking VIP version based on the characteristics of its customer groups, so as to further meet the demand of customers for individualized and differentiated financial services.

As of July 2018, the number of mobile banking customers of PSBC exceeded 200 million. PSBC said that it would continue to optimize and upgrade the product functions, business processes and customer experience of mobile banking, providing customers with more convenient, diversified and smoother one-stop full-featured mobile financial services.

Quoted from Shanghai Securities News ·
By Han Songhui

March 25, 2019