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PSBC Organizes Training on Consumer Protection

Date: 2018-10-22

Recently, Postal Savings Bank of China (the “Bank”) held a bank-wide training session on consumer protection for 2018 with the purpose of implementing new regulatory requirements and improving the Bank’s performance in consumer protection.

Closely following the current trend and regulatory requirements, the training focuses on difficulties in daily work as well as skills, covering consumer protection practices and countermeasures to customer complaints, the current development and priorities in consumer protection, contract management, authorization management, legal risk prevention in credit business and other aspects. Before the training, a survey was conducted to understand the training needs of all branches, and the training courses were properly designed based on the survey results. The trainers include both internal and external experts from the academic circle and in the industry.

A total of 140 core employees in consumer protection and legal affairs from PSBC Head Office, 36 tier-1 branches and some tier-2 branches attended the training. During the training session, participants together watched videos including an interpretation of the guiding principles of the Report of 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China as well as warnings and education on clean conduct and self-discipline. They also discussed in depth popular topics, highlights and difficulties in consumer protection, exchanged work experience and learnings, and proposed suggestions and measures for further improving consumer protection. After the training, all participants took a closed-book assessment.

It is learned that the Bank will continue to improve its consumer protection mechanism, strengthen compliance with regulatory requirements and implement regulatory requirements. It will consolidate the foundation, strengthen areas of weakness and promote targeted rectification of complaints with a focus on addressing the root cause. Actions will be taken to continuously optimize work processes, clarify responsibilities of departments, and formulate and amend rules. The Bank will also increase publicity and trainings, innovate work approaches, improve capabilities of the work force, and further enhance the Bank’s performance in consumer protection.