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Users of iOS and Android can directly download mobile banking by scanning the QR code.

PSBC launched a new-generation of personal internet banking service

Date: 2018-07-19

PSBC has recently launched a new-generation internet banking for personal customers which reconstructed the previous personal internet banking system, optimized the interface layout with the internet thinking, strengthened interactivity on the basis of a cloud platform architecture, and significantly improved the customer experience.

The new-generation of personal internet banking enables PSBC to offer an open experience “What You See Is What You Get” for customers. It removes the service process of "register first and then log in to use", that is, a customer can browse the Banks financial products without having to log in the internet banking system. The new personal internet banking also allows login through scanning QR (Quick Response) code under mobile banking. Registered customers of personal internet banking can choose QR scanning on the login page of internet banking, open the mobile banking of PSBC, click “Scan” to scan the QR code on the computer screen, verify the password and then confirm the login into the personal internet banking system successfully.

The new personal internet banking also adds some new service features such as making an appointment transfer, closing petty account, making an appointment for large money withdrawal, making an appointment for buying wealth management product, making inbound and outbound MoneyGram money transfers and making automatic investment in gold in line with the user demand and scenario, in a bid to provide customers with more diverse financial services.

The new personal internet banking makes operations more convenient and easier. It supports WINDOWS and MAC operating systems and many browsers like IE, adding guide navigation for beginners, calendar reminder, menu search, font scaling and other functions. Customers can also, according to personal preferences and operating habits, select page template styles, customize common functions, and achieve a personalized user interface.

In the future, PSBC will continue to optimize the personal internet banking system, improve the service quality, enhance the coordination among online and offline channels, and create  a safer, more efficient and easier-to-use platform of comprehensive online services.