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PSBC Will Always be Around to Help Realize Your Dreams

Date: 2018-03-20

“PSBC Love Charity Platform” has seen its 1st anniversary with 1700 poor students from high schools subsidized.

March 20th 2018 marked the one-year anniversary of the establishment of “PSBC Love Charity Platform” of Postal Savings Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as the Bank). On that day, the Bank and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation jointly launched a charitable donation program, called the “PSBC Love Class of Self-commitment Project, on Tencent Charity Platform. At the same time, various “PSBC Charity Day” events and campaigns were being held throughout the Bank, aiming to enhance the awareness of charity, transmit humanistic care, and call on all sectors of the society to continuously care about and support the development of China’s charity cause.

On March 20 one year ago, the Bank announced the formal launch of “PSBC Love Charity Platform” at its 10th anniversary. On that day, it also promoted the “PSBC Love Charity Foundation” together with China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, set up the “PSBC Love Class of Self-commitment Project, and established the PSBC Charity Association of Volunteers”.

Over the past year, operations of “PSBC Love Charity Platform” have been constantly improved, and “PSBC Love Charity Foundation” has set up “PSBC Love Class of Self-commitment in high schools of 34 poverty counties in China, subsidizing 1,700 poor students and granting “PSBC Love Scholarship” to over 300 high school graduates who were admitted by universities. With the help of “PSBC Love Charity Platform”, more and more poor students are able to make a step forward to realizing their dreams of “changing fate through acquiring knowledge”.

Enabling Poor High School Students Who Yearn for Education to Realize Their Dreams

Annual income of my family is around RMB3,000, which is used to pay the tuition fees of my sister and I as well as the medical expenses of my grandpa. Every year when school term begins, my dad needs to borrow money to pay my tuition fees”, said Xiao Fa (alias), a student who lives in the mountainous area of Dongchuan, Kunming, Yunnan Province. In order to help Xiao Fa with his education, “PSBC Love Charity Foundation”, via China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, provides him with an annual subsidy of RMB1,800 for three consecutive years. The subsidy is extremely important to Xiao Fa as his living expenses are no more than RMB200 a month.

With an aim to help more poor students just like Xiao Fa to realize their dreams, the Bank pilots the establishment of “PSBC Love Class of Self-commitment, a virtual class, at schools in poor areas, and provides economic support on education of poor students from high schools through PSBC Love Charity Foundation.

The Bank has made an initial donation of RMB 5 million to “PSBC Love Charity Foundation” and with donations from the Bank, the Bank’s employees and the public, total fund raised by “PSBC Charity Foundation” has reached RMB15 million. As the Foundation is gaining more and more recognition and support from the public, more poor high school students will be able to receive subsidies and care.

Making PSBC Charity Programs long-running

The Bank will continuously optimize the internal management of “PSBC Charity Platform”, improve the charity awareness of all its employees, leverage on the synergy of all its branches, and forge the charity brand of “PSBC Love”. The Bank will also put efforts on the overall planning, tracking, and assessing of its charity programs, and make them long-running.

The Bank has named March 20th every year the “PSBC Charity Day”. On that day, the Bank launches various charity programs, with the aim to promote charity culture and encourage charity engagement.

The Bank also established the PSBC Charity Association of Volunteers”. As of the end of 2017, the association had recruited over 60,000 members from the Bank and had organized various events, such as programs of “PSBC Charity Day”,  “PSBC Love Class of Self-commitment” visits, and opening ceremonies of “PSBC Love Class of Self-commitment. Volunteers of the bank went deep into poor areas and visited poor students and families, bringing them warmth and encouragement.

The Bank has set up a specialized agency to coordinate with China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation on the operation and management of “PSBC Love Charity Foundation". Donation can now be made to the foundation through online accesses of the Bank, such as mobile banking, personal internet banking and Wechat platform , and Tencent Charity Platform as well.

Charity work of the Bank has drawn wide attention and recognition from the public and media. “PSBC Love Charity Platform” received the award of  “Responsible Project Case in 2017” and the Bank was awarded “Chinese Enterprise with Outstanding Performance in Fulfilling Social Responsibility in 2017” and “Outstanding Contribution to Charity in 2017”. In the future, the Bank will continue to made endeavors on charity development, and make greater contribution in respect of social responsibility and public charity.