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Advantages of investment in T-Bond

Date: 2016-04-15

1. High credit rating and good security. T-bonds, as the national debt issued by the Ministry of Finance on behalf of the Central Government, are secured by the state credit.

2. Stable returns and tax-exempt interest. The interest rate on T-bonds is fixed (no variety of T-bond with floating interest rate is available at present) and is higher than the benchmark interest rate on bank deposits with the corresponding term. Moreover, the interests arising from T-bonds are exempted from the individual income tax.  

3. Low subscription threshold and simple formalities. The minimum subscription amount of T-bond is RMB100 without the subscription fee, and the formalities of subscription are simple.  

4. Flexibility in cashing and good liquidity. T-bonds can be cashed in advance pursuant to relevant provisions and be paid with the principals and interests thereof.

5. It is convenient to handle the business, for the underwriting institutions are opened all the year around (including public holidays and rest days).

6. The property certificate of T-bond, with the same effect and functions as those of the certificate of term deposits, can be provided.

7. T-bonds can be used to apply for the pledged loan, thus obtaining the short-term financing from the original purchase bank.