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Date: 2016-03-25

Are you on the run for fund transfer, bill payment and loan repayment? Are you troubled about standing in a long queue in the bank? Please turn on the TV and press the remote control. Your TV can pull you out of these troubles, make you easily know about the account information and solve your pressing need at home.

New service, fresh experience, TV banking of PSBC is a wise choice for you!

[What's the TV banking]

As long as you own a television set, a bidirectional digital set-top box and a remote control, you can easily enjoy secure and convenient banking services offered by the TV banking of PSBC.

Secure – Use the national dedicated digital TV network guarantees a higher security.

Convenient – More visual and simpler flow, and easy to operate, more suitable for the senior users, and also meeting the demands of various customers.

[What functions does the TV banking provide]

■ All account information at your fingertips

The TV banking provides the account balance inquiry and transaction detail inquiry, making you know about the changes in account fund at any time and guaranteeing the security of your account in a timely manner.

■ Intra-bank fund transfer, saving troubles and time

Intra-bank fund transfer helps you easily transfer the fund from your personal current account to the other account of PSBC in the same or another city.

Mutual shift between current account and term account, realizing mutual shift between demand master account and term sub-account of Green Card.

■ Quick bill payment, simple and efficient

Pay the phone bill of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, and public utility fees like water, electricity, gas, cable television, phone and traffic penalty, enabling you to enjoy true convenience of bill payment.

■ Credit card management, secure and reliable

With functions of account information inquiry, bank statement inquiry and repayment setting, the TV banking system provides you with everything you need. Besides, it offers the online repayment of credit card, making you free from overdue default interest.

■ TV payment, vogue and considerate

Online shopping and payment, payment detail inquiry, payment limit management and payment function setting, enabling you to enjoy securer and more convenient TV shopping.

■ Information service, timely and quick

The information of fund, T-bonds, wealth management and other latest products are at arm's length, making you know about the latest marketing campaign. Turning on TV to master the fortune information, it is just like that a dedicated wealth management manager is with you.

[Areas where the TV banking is available]

As of March 2015, PSBC has launched the TV banking system in 18 provinces and cities, including Jiangsu (Nanjing), Hunan, Heilongjiang (Harbin), Guangxi, Shanghai, Xiamen, Zhejiang, Hubei, Guangdong, Fujian (Quanzhou), Guizhou, Sichuan (Chengdu), Henan, Shaanxi, Beijing, Hebei, Anhui and Shanxi (Jincheng). The Bank will cooperate with other TV operators to launch the system in other provinces and cities nationwide.