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Introduction to Self-Service Banking

Date: 2016-03-25

“Self-service banking” is a business venue where Postal Savings Bank ofChinaprovides 24-hour self-services to customers. It is an important component of the Bank’s e-banking system. You can, through various devices, independently deposit/withdraw/transfer money, pay bills, print passbook, withdraw money from other banks’ card, make enquiry and handle many other financial businesses around the clock. Postal Savings Bank ofChinais poised to offer you convenient, safe and quick financial services through large self-service banking network.

Functions and services of common self-service devices  

1. ATM

ATM enables withdrawal, transfer, enquiry, password change, bill payment etc. Some ATMs allows passbook withdrawal and passbook enquiry.

2. CRS

CRS enables deposit placement, withdrawal, transfer, enquiry, password change, bill payment etc. It integrates money withdrawal and deposit.

3. Self-service terminal

It enables multiple non-cash transactions including transaction information enquiry, printing of historical transaction details, payment of various bills, intra-card and inter-card transfers etc. (Transaction varieties may vary from region to region)