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Date: 2016-04-19

1. Why do some self-service devices allow each withdrawal up to RMB3000, while others only RMB2000?

Answer: This depends on whether it is an old or new device and the size of its sloth. Since Postal Savings Bank ofChinais one of the earliest banks inChinato put into use self-service devices, the early ATM allows each withdrawal up to RMB2000 due to then technological limitations. The ATM/CRS newly purchased in recent years can support a single withdrawal up to RMB3000. With the rapid development of our self-service channel construction, the early ATMs will be gradually replaced with new ones supporting withdrawals up to RMB3000.

2. What cards and bank accounts are allowed for depositing money through your CRS?

Answer: At present, our CRS supports the following deposit accounts: local and other-city Green Card Express, local and other-city general Green Card, local and other-city current passbook (for cash transfer) and credit card (for repayment).

3. Is there any time limit on the availability of your self-service devices?

Answer: All our self-service devices provide around-the-clock services, but because some devices are installed at outlets or shopping malls, service hours of such devices depend on opening hours of the outlets or shopping malls. In this case, 24-hour service is impossible.

4. How much money can be deposited into your CRS at most each day?

Answer: RMB bank cards allow a single deposit up to RMB10,000, without limitation on the number of deposits. However, with technological advancement, we will gradually increase the upper limit of deposit via CRS in the future. Generally speaking, we advise customers to use self-service devices for depositing less than RMB50,000.

5. Suppose I forget to press the “Withdraw” button in handling deposit/withdrawal, and in consequence, my bank card is swallowed by the ATM/CRS due to overtime operation. What should I do?

(1) You can enter your password into the self-service device as instructed by prompts on the screen to take back your bank card on your own. This feature of independent claim of swallowed cards of ATM/CRS has been launched in Shenzhen, and we will promote it across the nation in the future.

(2) If the device has no such independent claim feature, you can bring along your effective identify certificate and go to the outlet administering the device the next day to collect your card. You should do it in person instead of entrusting a proxy. We hope you can take back your card as soon as possible so as to minimize unnecessary troubles caused to you.

(3) You can also call our 24-hour service hotline 95580 for help.