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Date: 2016-03-25


Upholding the concept of “Together we make it better”, PSBC devotes itself to providing corporate customers with secure, convenient and diversified online self-help financial services. Corporate customers can handle such businesses as account management, account inquiry, payments & receipts management, corporate wealth management, group transfer and remote appointment, and enjoy the banking services around the clock in office. According to different functions, corporate banking covers inquiry version and professional version.

As to inquiry version, it provides the functions like real-time reconciliation and balance inquiry, but cannot conduct the account payment & settlement, and fund transfer. Specifically, functions of the inquiry version include account balance inquiry, intraday details inquiry, historical details inquiry, electronic bank statement inquiry, directional relation inquiry and payment limit inquiry, etc.

In addition to all the functions of inquiry version, professional version has such functions as account payment & settlement, fund transfer, agency payments & receipts, electronic bills and merchant services, specifically including: corporate internal transfer, intra-bank payment (single/batch), interbank payment (single/batch), active collection upon authorization (single/batch), notice deposit, remote appointment, transfer process management, agency salary payment, agency receipts (batch/single), electronic bill discount, electronic bill pledge, electronic bill issuance and acceptance, state treasury payment, corporate loan, order inquiry and batch return of goods, etc.


Advanced security authentication mechanism

Convenient, simple and human-based operation

Real-time fund transfer and receipt

Individualized financial approval flow

Constant high-quality financial services