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Elegance Platinum Card

Date: 2016-04-16

Card Design

The card design of Elegance Platinum Card is simple, steady and generous, unique and conspicuous technique is used to display different styles of “tripod cauldron” and show the “elegance”, perfectly integrating power with grace and highlighting your wisdom and elegance. The refraction of the natural light forms different visual effects at different angles and the card gives a very good sense of tactility, highlighting the uniqueness and manner of card holders. 


As a standard platinum credit card with the logo of China UnionPay, Elegance Platinum Card is tailor-made for social elites and is granted relatively high credit line, to meet their demands of high spending. In addition to basic financial services, it offers guarantee, travel, hotel reservation, overseas service and other value-added services, bringing the card holders a high-quality experience.


Exemption and reduction of several fees: loss reporting fee, card replacement fee, account cancellation fee, SMS fee, cost for card Express delivery, bank statement fee, bill review expense and cash withdrawal of domestic excess repayment.

VIP service hotline: VIP hotline 40089-888888 exclusively available for the holders of Elegance Platinum Card around the clock.

Exclusive bonus points program: double bonus points for repayment in installment and spending on birthday.

VIP services at outlets: priority in business handling and other VIP services at the outlets.