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Sharing Card

Date: 2016-03-20

Card Design

Sharing Card uses one stroke to sketch out the auto, favorite things and housing, implying the card holders can easily own their favorite things, enjoying the ease and convenient repayment in installments and directly reflecting the purposes of card. It takes the gold as principal background color, demonstrating the dignity of card holders.


Sharing Card is the first UnionPay gold card product designated and launched by the Bank to match with the repayment in installments, it offers credit line and exclusive line. To be specific, exclusive line can be only used for the repayment in installments at the exclusive merchants, without normal spending, repayment in installments and other payment functions.


No annual fee for ever: as the card at the gold level, no annual fee is charged for the Sharing Card.

Free SMS notice: SMS notice will be sent for each transaction free of charge.

Automatic repayment in installments: directly select the number of installments through POS at the designated merchants.