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Joyful Security, Using Card at Ease

Date: 2016-03-20


Multiple guards guarantee the security of your transactions and make the wealth management assured;

1.Multiple security guards guarantee the card swiping: you can select “signature”, or “password”, or “signature + password” at your own discretion;

2.Double protection by password and SMS: you can dial 24-hour customer service hotline to activate your card at any time and set the transaction password and inquiry password in the most convenient way;

3.Monitoring over abnormal transactions: monitoring over large-amount and abnormal transactions all the day to guarantee the fund security in your credit card;

4.Card loss security: you can dial 24-hour credit card hotline 4008895580 (select 4) to report the loss if your card is lost or stolen. The transaction loss after the loss reporting takes effect shall be borne by the Bank.