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Joyful Service, Using Card with Pleasure

Date: 2016-03-20

One card but multiple functions, make you enjoy noble quality life and various handy services!

1.Cash advance: you can withdraw the cash in RMB through any of the outlets or ATM of PSBC, even all ATM self-service terminals with the logo of China UnionPay, satisfying your urgent need.

2.Optional bank statement date: different bank statement dates can facilitate your repayment in a more flexible way. You can dial the customer service hotline or log in the online banking to adjust the bank statement date easily and freely.

3.Travel reservation: when booking the train ticket online, or the airplane ticket, hotel and other services by phone, you can make payment by the PSBC credit card. PSBC credit card makes your travel a true relaxation.

4.Handy online payment: enjoy wonderful shopping online. Online banking, UnionPay Express, Alipay and WeChat Pay are all available, making you enjoy online shopping easily.

5.Payment in diverse installments: If you need to repay any consumption amount via credit card in installments, four types of interest-free installments are available, i.e., “installment of each transaction (based on transactions)”, “random installment (based on bills)”, installment for merchants and installment for credit card mall. You (the principal cardholder) can apply for installments of the transactions or the balance of portion of bills under the principal card and the supplementary card. The new-type function of installment-based wealth management can fulfill your needs, making you enjoy the life easily.