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Business Overview

Date: 2016-04-20

Custody Qualification

{0>中国邮政储蓄银行于20097月经中国证监会和中国银监会联合批准,获得证券投资基金托管业务资格。<}0{>Upon joint approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission and China Banking Regulatory Commission in July 2009, PSBC has become qualified to keep custody of securities investment funds. <0}{0>20127月,经中国保监会核准,获得保险资金托管资格。<}0{>Besides, after being approved by China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Bank has obtained the qualification for keeping custody of insurance funds in July 2012. <0}{0>可托管证券投资基金、基金专户、银行理财产品、信托产品、券商理财、私募基金、保险资金等多种资产,为客户提供账户开立、财产保管、资金结算、会计核算、投资监督、信息披露、托管报告等安全、高效、专业的托管服务。<}0{>Accordingly, we can keep custody of diversified assets, like securities investment funds, special fund accounts, banking wealth management products, trust products, wealth management products of securities companies, privately offered funds and insurance funds, and provide customers with secure, efficient and professional custody services, including account opening, property custody, fund settlement, accounting treatment, investment supervision, information disclosure and custody reporting. <0}{0>具有健全的资金保管制度和风险管理、内部控制度;具备安全保管信托财产资金的条件和能力。<}0{>Thanks to sound fund custody, risk management, internal control policies, we are totally prepared for and capable of keeping custody of trust property and capital in a secure way.

{0>托管团队<}0{>Custody Team

{0>我行于20085月正式成立托管业务部,并于2015年底升级为一级部。<}0{>The Custody Services Department of the Head Office, established in May 2008, has been upgraded to be a tier-one department at the end of 2015. <0}{0>总行托管业务部下设资产托管处、风险管理处、运营管理处等三个处室,并有北京、上海、深圳、重庆、广州五个托管业务分部,全国36家分行均授权可开展托管业务。<}0{>Under it there are three divisions including Asset Custody Division, Risk Management Division and Operation & Management Division as well as five custody business sectors in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Guangdong. All of the 36 branches nationwide are authorized to handle the custody business. <0}{0>我们拥有一支专业化、年轻化的托管业务团队,所有人员均具有本科以上学历和金融学、会计学的专业背景。<}0{>We boast a professional and young custody business team, and all of team members hold the bachelor’s degree or above and possess the professional background of finance or accounting. <0}{0>分行主要负责辖内资产托管业务的市场研究及属地客户的开发维护工作,总行和运营分部负责相应产品协议审核与签署,并提供运营支撑,总分联动为客户提供专业、细致、全面的托管服务。<}0{>As for custody business, the branches are mainly responsible for the market research of asset custody under their respective jurisdiction and the development & maintenance of local customers. The Head Office and the corresponding operation sectors take charge of reviewing and signing the business agreements and providing the operation support. The coordination between the Head Office and branches enables us to provide customers with professional, meticulous and comprehensive custody services.

{0>托管产品<}0{>Custody Products

{0>自开办托管业务以来,中国邮政储蓄银行形成了涵盖证券投资基金、基金公司客户资产管理、证券公司客户资产管理、银行理财、信托计划、股权投资基金、保险资金等多类型资产的托管产品体系,与多家基金公司、商业银行、信托公司、证券公司及保险公司开展了紧密合作。<}0{>Since the launch of custody business, PSBC has forged a product lineup covering multiple types of assets, including securities investment funds, customers’ asset management of fund companies, customers’ asset management of securities companies, banking wealth management, trust plans, equity investment funds and insurance funds, and has kept close cooperation with many cooperative institutions, such as fund companies, commercial banks, trust companies, securities companies and insurance companies. <0}{0>托管规模连续五年持续快速增长,截至20159月,中国邮政储蓄银行托管规模达1.51万亿元,托管市场份额不断提升,在同期成立的托管银行中处于显著领先地位,具备良好的社会信誉和经营业绩。<}0{>The custody size has kept rising fast for five consecutive years. Up till September 2015, we reported a custody size of RMB1.51 trillion and saw continuous increase in the market share, evidently leading the peers who started the custody business at the same time with us. We have won sound social reputation and delivered good business results in this sector. <0}{0>我们将持续致力于托管业务的创新和发展,为投资者和合作伙伴提供安全可靠、优质精心的资产托管服务。<}0{>In the future, we will step up constant efforts to promote innovation and development of the custody business, and provide investors and partners with secure, reliable, high-quality and attentive asset custody services.

{0>联系我们<}100{>Contact Us

{0>如贵公司有意向与我托管行进行相关业务的合作,请与中国邮政储蓄银行托管业务部联系。<}0{>Please feel free to contact the Custody Services Department of PSBC, if you intend to cooperate with us.

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